Hilary McPhee: Memoirs of a Young Bastard

Hilary McPhee: Memoirs of a Young Bastard

Publisher Hilary McPhee, editor of celebrated film-maker Tim Burstall’s diaries, explores the impetus to diarise and the appeal of diaries as windows to the past. Burstall’s diaries in particular paint a stark portrait of the language of sex and gender conventions in 1950s Australia, an area of study close to McPhee’s heart. Join us for an investigation of a unique and fascinating snapshot of the life of one of Australia’s true bohemians.

Hilary McPhee is joined in conversation by Wendy Tuohy.


Portrait of Hilary McPhee

Hilary McPhee

Hilary McPhee was a founding director of McPhee Gribble Publishers and a Chair of the Australia Council for the Arts, the inaugural Vice Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and a founding director of New Matilda.com.

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