Hannie Rayson: Grabbing the Limelight

Hannie Rayson: Grabbing the Limelight

Moving forward, playwright Hannie Rayson laments the uninspired, derivative and vapid catch phrases of the contemporary Australian politician. Turning to her theatre background, she considers how the arts can play a crucial role in developing charisma and gravitas in our leaders and their campaigns, emphasising imagination, language and performance.

Drawing on parallels between the performative nature of theatrical and political life, she despairs for the unambitious ideological benchmarks being set by today’s leaders.

Rayson opens her Lunchbox/Soapbox with two notable videos from 2010’s Federal Election campaign — Tony Abbott’s appearance on The 7.30 Report with Kerry O'Brien, and Julia Gillard’s campaign launch.


Portrait of Hannie Rayson

Hannie Rayson

Hannie Rayson is a playwright and screenwriter best known for Hotel Sorrento.

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