George Megalogenis: Australia’s Second Chance

George Megalogenis: Australia's Second Chance

Use it, or lose it? That’s the question George Megalogenis thinks Australia needs to be asking itself.

In his 2012 book, The Australian Moment, Megalogenis presented a meticulous case for Australia’s social resilience and economic potential through times of global hardship – recalling the end of the goldrush in the 1850s, and a society at odds with a government intent on tightening immigration and hoarding our wealth.

His latest book, Australia’s Second Chance, extends the argument into post-GFC, post-mining boom times. Can we do better with the advantages we gained from the boom? Could Australia embrace a future rich not only in natural resources, but in human resources, too? What must we do to realise our underplayed capacity for prosperity?

Join Megalogenis – one of Australian journalism’s great minds – as he weaves history, economics and demography into questions of who we were, who we are and who we could become.


Portrait of George Megalogenis

George Megalogenis

George Megalogenis is an author and journalist with three decades' experience in the media. His books include The Australian Moment, which won the 2013 Prime Minister's Literary Award for Non-fiction and the 2012 Walkley Award for Non-fiction, and formed the basis for the ABC documentary series Making Australia Great. George is also the author of FaultlinesThe Longest Decade, Quarterly Essay 40: Trivial Pursuit – Leadership and the End of the Reform Era, Australia’s Second Chance and Quarterly Essay 61: Balancing Act: Australia Between Recession and Renewal.