George McEncroe: ‘Change is as Good as a Holiday'

George McEncroe: 'Change is as Good as a Holiday'

George McEncroe likes a challenge, and she’s found it through a series of changes – some her choice, others not. In this entertaining Lunchbox/Soapbox, McEncroe explores the benefits of embracing change, even if, at first sight, it seems hardly better than a “pretty crap holiday”.


Portrait of George McEncroe

George McEncroe

George McEncroe is the CEO and founder of Shebah, Australia's ridesharing service for women. While trying to safely get her four kids where they needed to go and support her family as a single mum, she came up with an idea for a business: ridesharing that allowed an all-women fleet of drivers to earn income whenever suited them, and that provided worry-free transport for women and children. Now that she's turned her idea into a reality, she's added CEO to the list of roles on her resumé, which include stand-up comedian, breakfast radio host, ABC producer and more.


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