Gala Night of Storytelling 2016: The Book that Changed Me: Russel Howcroft

The Book that Changed Russel Howcroft: Nine Tomorrows by Isaac Asimov

At the Wheeler Centre's Gala Night of Storytelling 2016, ten of Australia’s best thinkers, entertainers and storytellers shared how and why certain books have shaped their thinking.

The book that changed Russel Howcroft? Nine Tomorrows by Isaac Asimov.

As a 16 year-old, I suppose Asimov had a profound effect [on me], as the overriding theme of the day was the idea that humanity was not on the path to a better future. The MAD nuclear doctrine and the loss of jobs due to the rise of technology were dinner table conversations we had at the Howcroft household. For me, Asimov made it clear that humanity is not so stupid; that despite having the capacity to destroy itself, this will not happen. Sanity will prevail.

Russel Howcroft