Gala Night of Storytelling 2016: The Book that Changed Jack Charles

The Book that Changed Uncle Jack Charles: the Bible

At the 2016 Gala Night of Storytelling, actor, musician, potter and Koori elder Uncle Jack Charles shares the story of the book that changed his life: the Bible.

Books have stood me in good stead. I was raised up with the Salvation Army, so I was impressed with the Bible. In undertaking my journey as a leader in my community, I took a great stock of the “original JC” … I knew I had to turn the other cheek.

Jack Charles


Portrait of Jack Charles

Jack Charles

Jack Charles is an actor, musician, potter, Koori elder and national treasure.

After Bastardy, a biographical documentary about Jack, was released in 2008, he rediscovered family members, and is now a respected elder of the Boon Wurrung clan and one of Australia's foremost Indigenous stage and film actors.

As a member of the Archie Roach Foundation’s Council of Elders, Jack has taken his place as a Kadaitcha man — a traditional lawman — and works to help Indigenous prisoners see a better life beyond jail.