Foxtel/AWF Screenwriter’s Address: Andrew Bovell

Foxtel/AWF Screenwriter's Address: Andrew Bovell

This video contains some strong language.

The annual Foxtel Screenwriter’s Address, presented by the Australian Writers’ Foundation, recognises the ways in which writers shape our society and culture. Each year, a leading Australian screenwriter is invited to speak on their craft and its place in the world.

This year’s speaker, Andrew Bovell, is best known for his multi-award-winning Australian classic film Lantana. Andrew has just finished adapting John le Carré’s A Most Wanted Man, for a film that will star Philip Seymour Hoffman. His other film credits include Blessed, Head On and Strictly Ballroom.

In his passionate, detailed speech, he describes the importance of collaboration, integrity and sensitivity in Australian filmic storytelling whilst talking about many of his projects.

Proudly presented by the Australian Writers’ Foundation and generously supported by Foxtel.


Portrait of Andrew Bovell

Andrew Bovell

Andrew Bovell is one of Australia’s most talented and celebrated writers for the stage and screen, best known for his multi-award winning feature Lantana.