Feminism Has Failed: Monica Dux

Feminism Has Failed: Monica Dux

“Real feminism is constantly evolving and splintering. It’s broad. It’s dynamic. Feminism attempts to articulate and redress injustices against women in a dazzling variety of contexts,” Monica Dux declares as she argues against the premise of the Intelligence Squared Debate: Feminism Has Failed.

As Dux sees it feminism is flourishing, despite the predictions of a “post-feminist” age by “enlightened social critic and feminist scholar John Winston Howard”. She says the diversity of feminist debates and issues is sign of the movement’s health.

Monica Dux also presented a Lunchbox/Soapbox: The Happy Gestator which wittily dissects the expectations placed on women as mothers.


Wendy McCarthy

Wendy McCarthy has been an educator, advocate and commentator in Australian public life and company director for the past forty years.

Portrait of Monica Dux

Monica Dux

Monica Dux is a columnist with the Age, and the author of Things I Didn’t Expect (when I was expecting) (2013), co-author of The Great Feminist Denial (2008), and editor of the forthcoming anthology Mothermorphosis (April 2015). She can be heard regularly on ABC radio and 3RRR, and has published widely, especially on women’s issues. Monica is a founding board member of the Stella Prize.

Portrait of Stephen Mayne

Stephen Mayne

Stephen Mayne is a Walkley Award winning journalist who for almost 10 years worked as a reporter, business editor, gossip columnist and chief of staff at major Australian newspapers.

Portrait of Jennifer Byrne

Jennifer Byrne

Jennifer Byrne is a senior journalist and broadcaster who has worked in all arms of the media: print, radio and television.

Having done her cadetship at the Age and worked on UK’s Fleet Street, she was a founding reporter with Channel Nine’s Sunday programme and spent some 12 years traveling the world for 60 Minutes and as anchor for Foreign Correspondent. She was publishing director of Reed Books, morning presenter on ABC radio, won national awards as interviewer and columnist for the Bulletin and, in May 2006, returned to TV to create the country’s first televised Book Club, which ran on the ABC for 11 years until December 2019.

Portrait of Gay Alcorn

Gay Alcorn

Gay Alcorn began her career in Queensland, and joined The Sunday Age before its launch in 1989.

Portrait of Simon Longstaff

Simon Longstaff

Dr Simon Longstaff is Executive Director of St James Ethics Centre and chairs the Intelligence Squared debates in Sydney and Melbourne.

Virginia Haussegger

Virginia Haussegger is an award winning journalist, author and social commentator.

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