Ethically Speaking: Business and Ethics

Ethically Speaking: Business and Ethics

Alan Kohler, Stephen Mayne and Tom Elliott discuss when big business looks at its conscience from political donations to bloated CEO salaries.


Portrait of Tom Elliott

Tom Elliott

Tom Elliott is the host of 3AW's Drive program. He is also a director of Melbourne-based wealth management firm Beulah Capital. Tom writes a weekly opinion column for Melbourne’s Herald Sun newspaper and appears regularly on the Nine Network’s Today and ABC TV’s Agony Uncles series. 

Portrait of Alan Kohler

Alan Kohler

Alan Kohler has been a financial journalist for 38 years.

Portrait of Stephen Mayne

Stephen Mayne

Stephen Mayne is a Walkley Award winning journalist who for almost 10 years worked as a reporter, business editor, gossip columnist and chief of staff at major Australian newspapers.

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