Emissions Trading - Richard Folland

Emissions Trading - Richard Folland

Wherever the conversation about climate change goes in the year ahead, it’s guaranteed that at the centre of the Australian discussion sits two acronyms: ETS and CPRS. But what do either of them really mean?


Portrait of Elaine Prior

Elaine Prior

Panel Member: Elaine Prior is a Director and Senior Analyst at Citi Investment Research & Analysis in Sydney, responsible for industry thematics and ESG/sustainability research.

Portrait of Richard Folland

Richard Folland

Keynote Speaker: Richard Folland is Managing Director of Climate Strategies, a UK-based international research organisation.

Portrait of Martin Parkinson

Martin Parkinson

Panel Member: Martin Parkinson is Secretary of The Department of Climate Change, as part of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Portfolio.

Portrait of Denny Ellerman

Denny Ellerman

Keynote Speaker: A leading energy economist, Denny Ellerman is recognised internationally as an authority on emissions trading and coal economics.

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