Election Special: Stand-Up … and Be Counted – Toby Halligan

Election Special: Stand-Up ... and Be Counted - Toby Halligan

In the lead up to the Australian Federal Election, comedian and writer Toby Halligan hosted Australia’s sharpest political comics as they pulled apart the bizarre, the absurd, the dismaying and the disastrous antics of Canberra’s finest. They talked policy, strategy, oratory, zingers, stunts and blunders from the campaign trail; no party or politician was safe.

Join us for a bout of comedy designed to cure even the worst cases of electoral dysfunction.

Presented in partnership with Political Asylum.


Portrait of Toby Halligan

Toby Halligan

Toby Halligan writes for Channel 10's The Project and SBS's Legally Brown, and has appeared on ABC's Strictly Speaking. His debut comedy show, Electile Dysfunction, was nominated for the best newcomer award at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and he regularly performs with Australia’s preeminent live political stand-up comedy group, Political Asylum. He is the co-author of the popular Diary Leaks website and his writing has appeared in Mamamia, the Monthly and the Age.

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