David Walsh: On the Origin of Art

David Walsh: On the Origin of Art

What is art – and why do we make it?

David Walsh – the provocative creator of Hobart’s phenomenally successful Museum of Old and New Art (Mona) – believes that the origins, motivations and possibilities of art require fresh consideration.

So: how deep will Walsh and company go? What will they find – and how will they prove it? As Walsh joins us to question why we engage in acts of imagination that reach beyond our conscious awareness, we’ll explore what creativity means … not only for art, but for humanity itself. Hosted by Jennifer Byrne.


Portrait of David Walsh

David Walsh

David Walsh is a mathematician, gambler and gallery owner from Hobart.

Portrait of Jennifer Byrne

Jennifer Byrne

Jennifer Byrne is a senior journalist and broadcaster who has worked in all arms of the media: print, radio and television.

Having done her cadetship at the Age and worked on Fleet Street in London, she was a founding reporter with Channel Nine’s Sunday programme and spent some 12 years traveling the world for 60 Minutes and as anchor for Foreign Correspondent.

She was publishing director of Reed Books, won national awards as a magazine columnist and, since May 2006, has hosted First Tuesday Book Club (now The Book Club) and presented literary specials for ABC1.