David Tacey: Breaking Free from Modern Medicine

David Tacey: Breaking Free from Modern Medicine

Joining us in this edition of Lunchbox/Soapbox is Dr David Tacey, Associate Professor and Reader in Arts at La Trobe University, where he teaches literature, spirituality and Jungian psychology.

The author of five books on spirituality and culture, Tacey observes the fraught relationship between spirituality, medicine and the broader idea of healing while underlining the differentiation between ‘spirituality’ and ‘spiritualism’.

Noting the reemergence of ‘traditional’ and ‘alternative’ holistic therapies, Tacey suggests that, like religion, medicine must remember its ancient heritage if it’s to remain relevant to a new era looking for holistic paradigms.


Portrait of David Tacey

David Tacey

Professor David Tacey is an independent scholar and writer who lives in Melbourne. He is the author of 14 books on literature, spirituality and psychology, including Beyond Literal Belief and The Spirituality Revolution.

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