David Rieff: The Ethics of Intervention

David Rieff: The Ethics of Intervention

When should the international community intervene in civil conflict? What made last year’s Libyan conflict suitable for intervention, while Syrians continued to struggle against despotism alone? In this seminal event, David Rieff, a widely published intellectual and the son of Susan Sontag, speaks with former Australian foreign minister Gareth Evans (author of Responsibility to Protect) on the ethics of intervention.


Portrait of Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans is a writer, academic, lawyer and former cabinet minister.

He was a Cabinet Minister in the Hawke and Keating Governments for thirteen years, as Attorney General, Minister for Resources & Energy, Transport & Communications, and Foreign Affairs; Leader of the Government in the Senate for four years; and Deputy Leader of the Opposition in the House of Representative for three years. After 21 years in the Australian Parliament, he led the Brussels-based International Crisis Group from 2000-2009.

Portrait of David Rieff

David Rieff

David Rieff is a New York-based journalist and author.

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