Coming Out Stories

Coming Out Stories

Hosted by Richard Watts, and part of our Big Gay Week, Tom Cho, Virginia Lovett, Wes Snelling and Ana Kokkinos share their Coming Out Stories.

Between tales of brotherly acceptance and incredulous parental outbursts, our speakers also question the personal and communal value of being ‘out’.

How might we become further compartmentalised once we exit the closet? Is it possible to be both ‘out’ and ‘in’?


Virginia Lovett

Virginia Lovett is general manager of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Portrait of Richard Watts

Richard Watts

Richard Watts is a writer, broadcaster and critic, and the host of 3RRR’s flagship arts program, SmartArts.

Portrait of Tom Cho

Tom Cho

Tom Cho’s stories have appeared in magazines, journals and anthologies in Australia and internationally.

Portrait of Ana Kokkinos

Ana Kokkinos

Acclaimed writer/director Ana Kokkinos’ career spans film and TV.

Portrait of Tina Del Twist

Tina Del Twist

Truly unique, Tina Del Twist is Australia’s much-loved nightingale, known for her ‘beautiful voice and wicked sense of comic timing’ (the Age). With a voice as smooth as honey and a comedic wit that could shred brie, you’ll have a ball enjoying the talents of Tina Del Twist.

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