Cath Smith: Social Equity in Melbourne

Cath Smith: Social Equity in Melbourne

In this Victorian state election Lunchbox/Soapbox, Cath Smith - CEO of the Victorian Council of Social Services - outlines what she sees as the social agenda for this year’s campaign. She singles out affordable housing and access to public transport as key issues affecting struggling citizens, and points to a lack of investment in community sector workers, many of whom are experiencing the same financial stresses as their clients.

Observing some of the hardship that’s been the delayed fallout of the global financial collapse, Smith acknowledges gains made in recent months, and suggests that measures such as expansion of social housing dwellings and bus services linking to rail will take some of the immense pressure off low-waged workers, especially those in the outer suburbs of Melbourne.


Portrait of Cath Smith

Cath Smith

Cath Smith is CEO of Victorian Council of Social Services.

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