Carbon Down on the Farm - Johannes Lehmann

Carbon Down on the Farm - Johannes Lehmann

How we manage, exploit and protect our land has always had fundamental implications for our civilisation. In this keynote address, soil scientist Johannes Lehmann looks at sustainable agriculture and green approaches to farming.

This video was part of a Carbon Down on the Farm in Bendigo, which included a panel discussion and a demonstration of the electric ute used to pull the Agroplow AD Hybrid disc drill.


Portrait of Michael Inwood

Michael Inwood

Panel Member: Michael Inwood practices No Kill cropping on his farm ‘Toulon’ in Bathurst, NSW. He has developed an electric ute with which he pulls the Agroplow AD Hybrid disc drill that he uses to sow using No Kill Cropping techniques.

Portrait of Johannes Lehmann

Johannes Lehmann

Keynote Speaker: Johannes Lehmann is Associate Professor of Soil Biogeochemistry and Soil Fertility Management at Cornell University.

Portrait of Andrew Broad

Andrew Broad

Panel Member: Andrew Broad is President of the Victorian Farmers Federation. He was the recipient of an Australia Day Award in recognition of community service.

Portrait of Stephen Joseph

Stephen Joseph

Panel Member: Stephen Joseph is managing director of Anthroterra Pty Ltd.

Portrait of Alan Lauder

Alan Lauder

Panel Member: Alan Lauder has spent 30 years operating a successful rural operation and increasing understanding of the carbon cycle in the grazing industry.

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