Beyond Binary: Nevo Zisin on Gender

Beyond Binary: Nevo Zisin on Gender

Now a youth worker, activist, writer and speaker, Nevo Zisin has spoken widely about their experiences of confronting gender and sexuality within the queer and Jewish communities, as well as at home. They join host Fury for an unfiltered conversation about memoir, activism, fashion, self-expression and the view from beyond binary gender.

Zisin has experienced gender in ways most of us may not. Assigned female at birth, they came out first as queer, then as transgender – subsequently undergoing different medical interventions, and now identifying as gender non-binary.

While trans visibility in mainstream media has increased in recent years, the prevailing idea – for many audiences, the only one, even – has been rooted in the idea of being ‘born in the wrong body’. It’s an idea that falls short for Zisin. ‘I was born in my body,’ they write in their book, Finding Nevo. ‘I am not saying that is every trans person’s opinion. It is valid to feel that way. But I do not.’


Portrait of Nevo Zisin

Nevo Zisin

Nevo Zisin (they/them) is a queer, non-binary, Jewish writer, performer, activist and public speaker based in Naarm/Birraranga/Melbourne. They run workshops in schools and professional development training in workplaces around transgender identities. Author of award-winning Finding Nevo (2017), a memoir on gender transition and The Pronoun Lowdown (2021) a useful guidebook on all things related to pronouns.

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Bjork once said 'you shouldn’t let poets lie to you', but Fury writes poetry, which is a sort of lie, albeit the fun-for-everyone kind. Fury has written a book called I Don’t Understand How Emotions Work. It is a very good book; soft and tricky, like leaning your face against your favourite swan.

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