Berlin Dayz

Berlin Dayz

Berlin’s appetites in writers is certainly eclectic. From reportage to satire to slam poetry, this video introduces us to slam poet Bas Bottcher, radio reporter Carsten Beyer and social commentator Wladimir Kaminer, with chair Anna Funder.

Berlin is home to communities from across Europe and the world, cleaved by some of history’s deepest faultlines, always hungry for the first whiff of a new idea, Berlin is ideally suited to be an object of literary desire. The German capital veers between the laconically parochial and the fiercely global, between artistic greenhouse and political powerhouse, between well-oiled machine and anarchic melting-pot.

In Partnership with the Goethe-Institut Australien as part of Berlin Dayz, the German-Australian Arts Festival in Melbourne.


Portrait of Anna Funder

Anna Funder

Anna Funder is the author of Stasiland. Her debut novel, All That I Am, won the 2012 Miles Franklin Award.

Portrait of Wladimir Kaminer

Wladimir Kaminer

Wladimir Kaminer is the author of Russian Disco.

Portrait of Bas Bottcher

Bas Bottcher

Bas Böttcher is one of the best known slam and rap poets.

Portrait of Carsten Beyer

Carsten Beyer

Carsten Beyer is a Berlin based radio host, producer and reporter.

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