Are we there yet?: Searching for home in a globalised world

Are we there yet?: Searching for home in a globalised world

With immigration and asylum seekers at the forefront of news coverage, this year’s Walter Lippmann Memorial Lecture concentrates on whether we need to re-evaluate our notions of borders and what constitutes a sovereign state.

Journalist, broadcaster and writer Indira Naidoo gives this year’s address. Famed as a presenter on The 7.30 Report, ABC Late News and SBS News, Indira questions the relevance of isolationism in a global marketplace where the economies of neighbouring countries are intrinsically linked and communications are instant. Is the idea of ‘home’ outmoded? Are we moving towards a truly international idea of belonging? If so, how can this be reflected in public policy?

The 2014 Walter Lippmann Memorial Lecture, exploring issues and ideas surrounding contemporary multiculturalism, is given in partnership with the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria.


Portrait of Indira Naidoo

Indira Naidoo

Indira Naidoo is one of Australia’s most popular broadcasters. During her 25-year award-winning journalistic career, Ms Naidoo has hosted and reported for some of the country’s most distinguished news and current affair programs.