Angus Trumble - The Finger

Angus Trumble - The Finger

In discussion with David Hansen, returning Melburnian Angus Trumble - Senior Curator of Paintings for the Yale Centre for British Art - takes us through the finer points of his career and his professional preoccupations.

From his early failures as an aspirant artist to the origins of his most recent book The Finger: A Handbook, Trumble reveals how choosing the finger for his subject allowed him to, as Hansen put it, “graze widely in the fields of history”.


Portrait of Angus Trumble

Angus Trumble

Angus Trumble is the author of The Finger: A Handbook and Brief History of the Smile.

Portrait of David Hansen

David Hansen

Over the course of his career Dr David Hansen has curated or managed more than 80 exhibitions, including landmark projects such as John Glover and the Colonial Picturesque (2003), The Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial (1993) and The Face of Australia (1988).

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