ABR Calibre Prize: Seeing Truganini

ABR Calibre Prize: Seeing Truganini

In this lively panel, hosted by Peter Mares, Dr David Hansen discusses his winning essay ‘Seeing Truganini’ with indigenous curators Brenda L Croft and Tony Brown. The debate approaches questions of cultural ownership, political correctness and the potential conflicts between respect and historical truth.


Portrait of Peter Mares

Peter Mares

Peter Mares is an independent writer and researcher. He is a contributing editor for online magazine Inside Story and a senior moderator with The Cranlana Programme. Peter was a broadcaster with the ABC for twenty-five years, serving as a foreign correspondent based in Hanoi and presenting national radio programs. His latest book is Not Quite Australian: How Temporary Migration Is Changing the Nation. 

Portrait of David Hansen

David Hansen

Over the course of his career Dr David Hansen has curated or managed more than 80 exhibitions, including landmark projects such as John Glover and the Colonial Picturesque (2003), The Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial (1993) and The Face of Australia (1988).

Portrait of Brenda L Croft

Brenda L Croft

From the Gurindji/Mudpurra peoples from Kalkaringi/Daguragu communities in the Northern Territory, Brenda Croft is an artist, curator, writer and lecturer.

Portrait of Tony Brown

Tony Brown

Tony is a curator and member of the Trawlwoolway people.


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