How to stream an online event

Are you new to attending events online – or you'd like some help with ours? We've prepared a simple guide for you.

If your question isn't here, or you're still experiencing difficulties, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How do I find out about your online events?

All of our events are listed on the Events page of our website. Click an event’s image or title to find out more.

If you’d like to stay updated on our upcoming events, we strongly recommend subscribing to the Wheeler Weekly newsletter. It’s free, and sent most Mondays.

Do I need to book a ticket?

Most of our online events are free, and don’t require a booking. For these, we recommend signing up for an event reminder email, so you don’t forget to tune in. Alternatively, you can click ‘Add to calendar’ on the event page, to save the event’s details in your online calendar of choice.

If a ticket has a cost associated with it, you’ll find it in the ‘How much?’ section of an event page. During COVID-19 restrictions, you’ll only be able to book tickets for yourself. Outside of these restrictions, you can make multiple bookings.

From the end of August 2020, some tickets will have a ‘pay what you can’ option, enabling you to contribute to the cost of our events while allowing us to keep them free and accessible for those who can’t afford to pay. You can add a voluntary price for your ticket, make a tax-deductible donation, or both. We appreciate your generosity.

From October 2021, some of our paid-for digital events, such as those in our Postcards From Abroad series, will be hosted on If you’ve paid to view one of these events, and the video you’re looking for isn’t on the event page, please note it cannot be accessed by searching our website. You will need to follow the unique link in your confirmation email to access this event. For more instructions about how to view these events please read our section ‘How do I watch Postcards From Abroad events?’

Why sign up for an event reminder?

We’ll send you a brief, simple reminder email close to the event’s start time. The email will remind you of what the event is, how/where to watch it, and when.

Importantly, if there’s been any change to the event, we’ll be able to let you know.

How and where can I watch the event?

Almost all of our online events can be viewed on the event page itself. As the event time approaches, we’ll embed a video window on that page, as shown in the screenshot below.

Screenshot demonstrating the position of a video player window on an event page

On a Wheeler Centre event page, the video player appears below event description text

This video pane is a YouTube player which will work on almost any modern internet-connected device (see below). Simply press play when the event is live, and it’ll start playing on this page.

In some cases as in our Postcards From Abroad series or where we’re presenting an event in partnership with somebody else the event may take place on another website. You’ll always find instructions about how to watch either in the event reminder email, or with your booking.

How do I watch Postcards From Abroad events?

If you have booked to view a Postcards From Abroad digital event, it will not become viewable on the event page. You will need to follow the unique link sent in your confirmation email.

Your confirmation email contains a unique link that will take you to the event you booked for. You need to click this unique link in your confirmation email to gain direct access to the event.

If you have booked for multiple events, you will need to follow each unique link to its corresponding event page.

Each event’s content will only be available during its particular broadcast period. The broadcast period is advertised on the event page, as well as in your confirmation email.

If you have booked for a Postcards From Abroad event and you can't find your confirmation email or unique link please email for assistance.

Can I watch my event after it's first aired?

Yes! Most of our event videos will remain viewable on their event page, and if you're looking for more conversations, you'll find them in Broadcasts (or perhaps in a podcast).

Very occasionally, an event may not remain online after it's happened – or it may be accessible for a limited broadcast period – typically due to rights agreements with our speakers or presenting partners. Sometimes, it will be removed briefly for further editing. As much as possible, we will inform you of any such conditions ahead of the event.

What if I have access requirements?

If you have access needs for an online event, please contact as soon as possible. With Victorian restrictions on gathering in the workplace, we’re exploring the best way to integrate Auslan into our new system. We are working hard to provide accurate transcripts and captions during or soon after our digital events are screened. If you would like to request these, please contact us.

If an event is known or expected to contain bright lights, loud noises or sudden flashes, we’ll add a warning note on the event page. If it is known or expected to contain sensitive content, we'll include a note advising of that, too.

We’re committed to providing and improving an accessible experience with our digital events and publishing, and all major development of this website includes an accessibility audit (in reference to suitability for screen readers, low vision, W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and more).

If you’d like to make suggestions or offer feedback, please contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

How do I turn captions on?

Once the event is playing, you’ll find a ‘Subtitles/closed captions’ button in the bottom-right corner of the player. Click that button, or press ‘c’ on the keyboard, to toggle subtitles on or off.

Animation demonstrating the caption feature being toggled on and off in YouTube

Press 'c' to toggle captions on and off, or click the icon on the bottom-right of the player toolbar

Please note that if the event is being streamed live, we won’t have had a chance to check, edit and apply a manual transcription, so you may be seeing automatically generated subtitles provided by YouTube’s voice recognition software.

How can I submit a question or interact with other viewers?

Our online events come in various forms – live and interactive talks, pre-recorded performances and readings, and more. 

If an event will include questions, you’ll be able to submit yours when signing up for an email reminder. You can also click the title text (within the video frame, as it's playing) to view it on YouTube, where, if you’re logged in, you’ll be able to add questions and comments in the chat. Or, if you have a Twitter account, use the hashtag on the event page or tag @wheelercentre during the event.

What kind of internet connection or equipment do I need?

To watch our videos and stream our digital events, we recommend using the latest version of your web browser – Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari or Opera – and a broadband internet connection of 500Kbps or faster. You can view our events with a modern smartphone or tablet, too.

Can I watch an event after it’s gone live? How about podcasts?

We understand that different times work for different people. Most of our online events will remain available for viewing/replay on our website, and on our YouTube channel. Some recordings may be unavailable temporarily because further editing is required.

Almost all of our events – excluding those unsuited to audio-only presentation – are published on the Wheeler Centre podcast (or The Fifth Estate podcast, for events in that series). You can browse and play these episodes from your web browser, too.

What’s different about your online events for children?

Events for children are clearly marked: either as part of our Wheeler Kids series, with a suggested suitable age range, or (typically) both.

For children’s events, we especially recommend signing up for event reminders – they allow us to contact you with late changes, but also to provide activity sheets or resources that our speaker/s might like your child to use during the session.

For your safety, audience interaction during children’s events is limited: YouTube chats and comments are disabled. (If you plan to leave your child to view and participate unattended, we invite you to update your own child-appropriate YouTube user settings such as disabling autoplay.)

Screenshot of a Wheeler Kids event page

Wheeler Kids event pages often contain additional information for kids to participate at home

How can I ask the Wheeler Centre for assistance, or more information?

The Wheeler Centre’s reception hours are as usual, 9.00am–5.00pm weekdays (Australian Eastern Standard Time). You can email us at (general enquiries) or (for anything related to events and ticketing), or phone +61 3 9094 7809.

During Victoria’s Stage Four coronavirus restrictions, our physical premises are closed.

You can also find us @wheelercentre on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.