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The Show of the Year 2016, Part Two  /  Performing arts & pop culture

The horror, the glory, the sublime and the ridiculous – 2016 served it all up in enormous doses. Join us for part two of the Wheeler Centre's annual Show of the Year – celebrating a year’s worth of highlights and lowlights.

Benson Saulo — Photo: Jon Tjhia

What happened in 2016? Well, the Panama Papers dropped. The Louvre flooded. A woman in New Jersey got stuck up a tree while playing Pokémon Go in a cemetery. And Brangelina was reduced to its component parts. What else? England voted for Boaty McBoatface … then Brexit. Brazil impeached its president. Ceasefire attempts failed in Syria and we were rocked by attacks in Brussels, Paris, Orlando and Baghdad. This was the year the United States elected Donald Trump. It was also the year we said goodbye to David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Harper Lee, Leonard Cohen and Prince. 

Closer to home, Turnbull was returned (only just) as Prime Minister. Our census was a mess, but Chloe Esposito triumphed in the modern pentathlon at Rio and the Western Bulldogs won the AFL Grand Final. We were the crowd favourites at Eurovision and we fell in love with Matilda all over again with Tim Minchin’s Matilda the Musical.

Your host for the Show of the Year is silver-tongued songbird Casey Bennetto. For the second half of the year, he's joined by Benson Saulo, Geraldine Hickey, Tim Flannery, Cal Wilson and Danny McGinlay – tackling Indigenous leadership, Leonard Cohen's death, Donald Trump, the Western Bulldogs' win, climate and #censusfail.

Sit back, relax and relive the best and worst as a bevy of Australia’s finest writers and entertainers farewell the year that was – in five-minute bursts of stories and song.

Listen to part one   Podcast episode The Show of the Year 2016, Part One  /  Performing arts & pop culture

Geraldine Hickey takes the pulse of the nation — Photo: Jon Tjhia

Danny McGinlay celebrates some big wins of the year — Photo: Jon Tjhia

Casey Bennetto sings us home — Photo: Jon Tjhia

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Portrait of Clem Bastow

Clem Bastow  /  Digital culture

Having completed the traditional 'two year stint writing at Starbucks' in Los Angeles in 2013, Clem is currently working on bringing her first film, Farewell Tour, to the screen. For her next screenwriting project, she is very excited about updating Aristophanes' comedy Lysistrata for a modern audience, and hopes that producers with deep pockets will be bewitched by the idea of a ribald satire of modern feminism set behind the scenes of an Antiques Roadshow-esque series.

Portrait of Judy Horacek

Judy Horacek  /  Graphic novels & comics

She has also been widely published in newspapers and her work appears on tea towels, aprons, and greeting cards. She is also sometimes a visiting artist for school children and an after-dinner speaker for grownups.

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