Quarterly Essay: David Marr on George Pell

Quarterly Essay: David Marr on George Pell

David Marr’s revelatory Quarterly Essay on (then) PM-in-waiting Tony Abbott made national headlines. Now, he’s turned his merciless eye to Cardinal George Pell, leader of the Catholic Church in Australia and Abbott’s confessor – at a time when the church’s handling of sexual abuse is being closely investigated.

How did Pell rise to prominence? How has he handled abuse claims in the past? What motivates him, and how deep does his political influence go? Marr answers all that and more with Heather Ewart chairing the conversation.


Portrait of Heather Ewart

Heather Ewart

Heather Ewart is National Affairs Correspondent for 7.30 on ABCTV, specialising in coverage of federal issues.

Portrait of David Marr

David Marr

David Marr is the multi-award-winning author of Patrick White: a Life and The High Price of Heaven, and co-author with Marian Wilkinson of Dark Victory.

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