John Birmingham

John Birmingham

John Birmingham discusses his latest book After America, the empowerment of women as action heroines and how he came to be writing thrillers. He also touches topics as broad as the reaction to his writing in the US, music’s influence on his writing and the battle between reading and Nintendo DS.


Portrait of John Birmingham

John Birmingham

John Birmingham is the author of the cult classic He Died With a Felafel in His Hand and most recently the thriller, Without Warning.

Portrait of David Astle

David Astle

David Astle has been making cryptic crosswords for over 25 years, and Puzzled is the book to show you how these weird clues work, as well as stepping you through the unlikely history of wordplay and puzzling. His previous books include Offbeat Australia (a trivia-travel guide), One Down One Missing (a true-crime thriller) and the two novels, Marzipan Plan and The Book of Miles.

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